Style in the workplace

Uniformity is important to big businesses; it provides them with an image that suggests success, sophistication and consistency, all things that are important to prospective clients. This is certainly the case when companies get it right, but unfortunately there are so many examples of garishly hideous uniforms out there we know this isn’t always the case. There are several schools of thought when is comes to uniform design each with its own particular strength when we consider the job role that the person wearing it will be fulfilling.

If we look at the companies who get it wrong it is clear to see why. Fast food chains are among some of the worst offenders and throughout the years have earned a reputation for causing mass embarrassment to their staff members who must endure having to wear almost luminous, brightly coloured shirts and plastic burgers on their heads among other such humiliations.

The most puzzling thing to come from all of this is the fact that it is far more difficult to get it wrong than get it right. It doesn’t take much for a business to achieve a professional image, it simply has to remain conservative when it comes to it staff’s uniforms. Smart shirts and reserved shades are often the key to striking a balance between style and practicality. Even for smaller businesses that rely on their staff’s uniform to support their brand image; personalised and stylish logos and prints are easy and cheap to obtain through print management companies. With all this at their disposal surely there is no reason why businesses cannot promote their image without damaging the self-esteem of its workforce for life.

So how do you get everyone in the office to start looking smarter without taking away their personality? Here are some StattMag pointers to help you look professional and smart at work.

Backup Blazers Always Work


You have a meeting in ten minutes that you’ve forgotten about and you come in the office with just a shirt and jeans. What do you do? If you’re smart enough, you’ll have your lucky work blazer hidden away somewhere that can come out at a moment’s notice. A good fitted blazer can turn just about any outfit, as long as you’re never wearing tracksuit bottoms to the office, in to a lifesaver. And it doesn’t have to be dear either. The one above you can see works well with a simple checked shirt and jeans. It’s from and only cost £65 (although you can get money off by using a Very promo code)

Hide Spaghetti Straps


There is one kind of top a woman should never find herself in when in work: a shoulder-less number where your bra straps just seem to want to slip closer to the edge. It looks untidy and a little unprofessional. Whenever you’re thinking of buying a sleeveless top keep this advice in mind; you top should always extend to the edges of your shoulders.

Don’t show your sheer

Sheer tops do look amazing, but will send the completely wrong idea if you walk in to the office wearing it incorrectly one day. Most are fitted well around the wrists and neckline, so to make it work you should throw a blazer on over that can be buttoned if needed and be sure to pop on a camisole underneath too.


Take outfit inspiration from musicians

Musicians and artists of all type had being sparking creative genius not only in the arts and in history, but they’ve also gave a lot to the fashion industry. With larger than life stars such as David Bowie, Morrissey, Robert Smith, to name a few, we have been given inspiration gifts from some of the worlds most fearless people.



When you walk around London today (especially in Shore ditch and Camden) you’ll find that the post-punk image is still as popular and as eye catching as ever. Our suggestion? follow musicians close if you are looking for conceptional fashion which stands out within it’s surroundings, or alternatively- become a musician and create your own style! I mean, there is a world famous songwriting course in London by NHAM (Nothing Hill Academy of Music). So what are you waiting for? go kill two birds with one stone!

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