Sttatus Update: Get Preppy & Peppy

Well gee whizz and hop to it old chap. We’re in a right jam whizz here trying to figure out which spiffing clothes to get you kitted out in with a right snap in the air. Yes it’s time to consider getting some super girly items on the go. The 60s interior look is particularly notable this time of year (we’re blaming Mad Men) and there are a few items out there that will have you doing the charleston in no time.

green dress


Gatsby threads might be out but it doesn’t mean satin can go away for a while. This gorgeous green dress takes a quite modern cut (notice the accents around the chest) and uses classic design as a point in making what would be perfect for the upcoming indoor party season. We can see this being an eye-catcher at many company dinners.

aztec cardigan

Here’s the kind of cardigan you’d seen in any home catalogue of the 60s and we love it’s ever so slight tweak. The aztec print makes a sneaky appearance here to give what would be a bland granny cardigan in to a standout piece.

pink jacket

You’ll be seeing a lot more pink than usual these colder months and this jacket/cardigan is a great power piece. Yes it might look like something a country housewife could be seen in, but consider slapping on a leopard print below and you’ll instantly turn a serious looking jacket in to a party piece.

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