Stattus Update: Hello

Need a style injection? What about 50cc of instant fashion stat? That’s what we’re here to do for you stylish folk. Stattmagazine is a site all about finding the latest trends and showing them off to you. You need to know the best of what to wear now and that’s what we plan to deliver to your screen in healthy portions all the time.

Stattmagazine aims to medicate you in to a fashion frenzy as we highlight the best new styles, look in to why the hottest new items are so desirable and don’t worry, we plan on dishing out tips to you on the regular. We all come from a background of spending too many hours studying every mag and shop window figuring out how to get the most out of fashion needs on a budget.

There aren’t any placebos on effect here to hand you out style tips that are just trying to get you to buy as soon as. We like to treat style on a patient-by-patient case, determining which trends work and what needs to go to outpatients (i.e. the next bag for the charity shop)

Don’t know what to do with that piece in the back of wardrobe that still has a tag on it? We’ll prescribe the right accessory dosage to bring it back to life. We’ll be your style doctor and your retail therapist at the same time giving out tips at just the right amount.

If you worried about what to buy next we’ll recommend the best course of action on what you need to be wearing and caring about. And don’t fret about whether the next addition to your closet will be worth it in a few months as we’re all about figuring what surgery your clothes needs to have as the seasons change. aims to be your personal style ward (robe). We’ll always have room at our emergency department for you as long as you tell us where you got that jacket.

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