Stattus Update: Halloween Items

It’s a week until the one day of the year where everyone becomes a fashion critic, or rather costumer critics. Halloween used to be exclusively about getting your costume right but now it’s expanded in to its own little seasonal trend on the high street. We went looking for some pieces that you’ll need to have in your wardrobe over the next week.

x ray onesie

This is our top pick if you aim on going out on Halloween night. This all in one is perfect if you aim on partying, but don’t want to see yourself waking up worse for wear the next morning still in your costume.bat jeans

Snag yourself a pair of jeans like this if you’re looking for a good alternative to a costume. The simply designed minimal bat print is perfect if you have to take little ones out trick or treating and don’t want to have them badger you for not dressing up.skeleton onesieIf you’re the kind of person who would much rather stay in and watch scary movies on Halloween night then this onesie is just what you’re after. It’s following on from the trend of your one piece needing a hood this year and the the entire inside of it is fleece lined so you won’t feel any chills on your spine even when you’re scared.


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