Stattus Update: Back To School Bags.

We’re definitely back in school mode here at Stattmagazine. While our term times might be a bit more flexible than yours (hello class at midday) it’s really important to us that you look good no matter what class you’re heading to. A great bag can be a stylish accessory that will stay bang on trend all year round. We’ve chosen some of our favourites that you’ll be rummaging through for a spare pen when you arrive in late on those miserable mornings.

ASOS Leather Vintage Backpack


red bag

We’ve mentioned this red bag before on the blog and we can’t get enough of it. Just by taking the classic looking backpack, combining it with satchel elements and then giving it a spin with a splash of red, we have a bag that any level headed thinker will clamber for. We like how the inside how a sip pocket that you can use as a replacement purse when you’re looking for that extra carry room.


Trainsporter Tiger Backpack

tiger bag
Suitable for both guys and girls this is a backpack that will stand out against the rest. The red and blue tiger print is bold and helps show how uncomplicated the bag looks. If it had pockets all over it probably wouldn’t be as attractive. The outside zip pocket is ideal for stashing pens and loose change.


Jansport Digital Student


You can never, ever go wrong with a Jansport bag. Their reliability for taking any kind of bump is unparalleled. We’ve gone for their new Digital Student backpack because we don’t know anyone who would pass the chance to get a bag with its own laptop sleeve and compartment. The interior pockets are stretch fit to let any size plug fit in. As well as the usual water pocket on the side, the very front pocket is a special cold storage pocket. You can bung in your lunch salad and it’ll be as cold as it was in the fridge.

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