Stattus Update: Autumn Boots

Put your chucks and plimsoles back in the wardrobe guys. Don’t go fooling yourself thinking that a pair of Toms is suitable when its 5° out and you’re dodging every puddle on the street.

Avoid the feeling of frostbite this time of year and go get yourself some properly nice looking boots. We’ve chosen three pairs that will keep your toes warm no matter what the situation.


winter boots

You’ll want a boot that means business and this offering from River Island is a staple you’ll want to have over the next few months. The extended zip is a nice touch of originality. The gold tone buckling make it go above the pale of just a normal looking boot. And we know that chunky heel is going to keep us from slipping and sliding near Christmas time.


chelsea wellie


If you don’t like jumping in big puddles then you won’t want to be rocking these spectacular Chelesa Wellies from River Island. We’ve never seen the two styles work in harmony like this before. They’re a better fit style-wise to any wellie (especially those kitted out in flower/leopard print).The pull tab and black elasticated sides ensure these boots are super easy to quickly get on and off.

bunny slippers

Don’t go thinking we don’t know it’s equally important to keep those toes warm indoors as well. We could’ve went a more responsible slipper that would make us seem like responsible adults but oh no, we were not going to pass up the oppurtunity to have a bunny on our feet. This super soft slippers from New Look are faux fur lined with a flat inside and really soft cushioning that warms up quite quickly. Perfect for wading around the house in.

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