Highlander Chic

Tartan skirts are always in fashion in one way or another, be it for punk trends that preppy look, or simply because fashion designers have decided that tartan is the fabric for their Autumn/Winter collection.  

And this season is no different – tartan skirts are once again seriously a la mode. So channel your inner Catholic school girl and be seen sporting a tartan skirt.


Now to stay classy in a tartan skirt, there are a few things to remember. Firstly, stick to traditional tartan colours! A tartan skirt in baby blue, pink or in day-glo neon colours will always look cheap and tacky.


Secondly, it is worth investing in a proper wool tartan skirt. It is a trend that circulates continuously, so spending a bit more on an expensive fabric will really stand you in good stead. Not only will it be warmer, but it will also hang better.

Next, in regards to the shape, a pleated skirt looks so much classier – and again it will hang more flatteringly especially if it is a heavy fabric.

In regards to length, it should be short, but not revealingly so – you should be able to sit down without being indiscreet! At the other end of the spectrum, don’t go too long in length otherwise you will end up inadvertently channelling granny chic.


Tartan skirts look better with black tights than with bare legs – they are after all thicker skirts designed for cooler weather. And mottled blue legs are not an attractive look!

So go Highlander and sport a tartan skirt this season for a chic and sweet look. Team with brogues or boots, and you’re sure to be cosy.


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