80’s Skiwear

The 1980’s was a great and innovative time for fashion, with old fashioned trends being completely turned on their heads, new materials, crazy make-up for both men and women, and of course, shoulder pads.

One place it is still acceptable and very cool to wear crazy 80’s fashions, is on the ski slopes. The bright neons have once again become popular, changing the trend from duller mountain wear. If you happen to be planning to go on any family ski holidays in 2015 or maybe plan to make it a regular thing you can get some great deals not only on your trip but also on your ski gear.


It actually makes sense too. The 1980’s was the time when skiing became accessible for everybody, not just the wealthy. New and better equipment meant that skiing was faster and more exhilarating. And if that wasn’t for you, there was the invention  of the monoski and early snowboarding. So more skiwear had to come out to cater for this need. And that skiwear was awesome!

And actually pretty practical too. Staying bright on the slopes is a great way to be seen, not only by other skiers, but also if you happen to get lost.



Original vintage ski suits from the 80’s which are eye wateringly bright, get snapped up like hot cakes on the internet and in vintage stores these days. So have a raid of your relatives’ wardrobes and see if they have one lurking somewhere.

If not, there are plenty of modern brands out there that do great jobs at channelling the aesthetics of the 1980’s whilst incorporating all the best aspects of modern skiwear.

First of all, a brightly coloured ski jacket is a must. Think neon colours; pink, cobalt blue, lime green, orange, yellow – basically anything that could temporarily blind you if you look at t too long. This snow suit from O’Neill has all the right aspects for that 80’s look.



Or this snow jacket from Burton.



If you are not experiencing brilliant weather, or alternatively, if you are not a strong skier, the 80’s jeans and ski boots look is out. Some slim fit snow pants are in though, and like the jackets they also come in some incredible colours.

These Loudmouth ones seem to come in all he colours.



Don’t forget to accessorize with big hair, a head band, neon (of course) ski gloves and some huge angular sunglasses. And voila – you’re ready to hit the piste.



Of course not everyone wants to go for the retro look so anyone looking for something a bit more up to date like ski jackets, salopettes or accessories will have a huge amount of choice in front of them and depending on their budget there are some pretty great ski wear options out there if you know where to look.






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