Stattus Updates: Knock Your Socks

If it’s getting cold outside for you it can mean only one thing: time to buy some new socks. And don’t think because you’re facing the cold and dark months that you’ll be wearing thick grey socks on your feet. We’ve got three pairs for the Stattus Update that will hopefully inspire you to get your covered up in only the best there is to offer.

Barbour Beckley Fairisle

happy socks
It’s the print more than anything that that made us want these socks. You can reckon them all the way from Autumn to spring, especially when it comes to heading out on those ridiculously cold excuses you have for Christmas night outs. The dark burgunday/pink colour will suit any outfit this season.

Pretty Polly Fleecy Knee High

knee highs


These knee highs are perfect for keeping your legs from getting numb on the walk to class. They’ve a ribbed design to avoid any slips and are extremely stretchy to pull up to anyone’s knees no matter the height.

Happy Socks Zig Zag Socks

You can’t blame the Swedish sock makers for making a print this bright. When your winters revolve around plodding your way through foot thick snow, you’ll want to be rocking a pair with a bold print to brighten you up. The simple ribbed cuff on top means you’ll never have to face the winter chill a slipped sock can cause.


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