Stattus Update: Start Kidding Yourself.

With the kids back to school it’s time to start taking a page from their style book. Now that’s not a suggestion to go and raid their wardrobe. We want you to embody the childlike nature of this trend as you go for bright colours, bigger accessories and make your outfit’s no.1 priority ‘fun’. We got a few checklist items you’ll need.


Keep your nut warm with a stand out beanie. They’ve been probably the only item that your parents would approve off (they stop you catching the cold is a good excuse for a new one) and also look good if you’re sporting a bold print on the front.

red tee

Wear a tee like this and everyone looking will have one thought; ‘can we play together?’. This is the kind of tee that will make others envious. A flush red will make you stand out anywhere and the googly eyes are the best eschewment of the cartoon trend we’ve seen in quite a while.

2000 top

What does this top remind you of? Britney? Sabrina? Vengaboys? Steps? If you said yes to any then well done as this is exactly the look we thought would never be making a reappearance after Y2K. Anyone brave enough to harken back to their childhood this way deserves a style medal of honour.


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