Stattus Update: Smarten Your Man Up

If there’s one thing a man deserves its a good overhaul in his wardrobe. Men always rely on staple outfits to fall back on. With a few smarter looking items any man’s wardrobe can become enviable to his mates. We found some examples of how latching on to a few new key pieces can transform any man in to a fashionable and respectable looking gent.


The Film Critic

First thing to always do is make sure that your man has a good coat. No more traipsing about town in the same old track top worn away around the cuffs. A really good coat can last for years and will always be warm whilst looking respectable.


The Cottager

With it being the time of year where your fingers and toe need to defrost after being outside, a man with a good cardigan/jumper is an under-appreciated look. Knitwear is bigger than ever and has freed itself from the shackles of ‘dad’ material. All high street retailers are already selling Xmas themed jumpers but grabbing a chunky knit with a fun pattern is the right way to go about business.

The Academic┬áHe might not be in school anymore but that’s no reason why a tie or two could be a good idea. If he’s already wearing a shirt get a nice slim tie and you’ll have someone who instantly looks 100% smarter.

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