Stattus Update: Onesies

They’re a piece that has invaded every shop on the high street and taken pride of place for people to lazy to get properly dressed in the morning. Onesies divide opinion more than any other piece of clothing right now and we think it’s a shame.

They may dominate your news feed on a sunday when everyone is posting selfies whilst hungover, but we wanted to find onesies that would change people’s minds and demonstrate how approachable they can be.

green onesie

When is a onesie not a onesie? When it looks as good as this. This definitely is one you could wear going to the shop for milk. The vest top makes it look confidently casual and the waistband for added illusion helps turn this grassy number in to something more stylish than it ever should be.

mickey onesie

It’s still time to piggy on the mickey print of summer with a one piece like this. The cartoon print is clear in showing you its intentions (fun!) and wouldn’t be out of place in a sweaty club on student night.
monkey onesie

Of course we had to include a regular onesie and while we couldn’t see ourselves throwing on a pair of chucks and heading out the front door, we know we’d want this at home. Imagine a lazy day in the house wearing this oversized monkey. It’ll feel like you’re wrapped up in a dozen throws (in a good way).

american onesie

We have to applaud American Apparel for making this delight. This is a show-off onesie. It takes something that shouldn’t work and does. It’s a clothing illusion that would fool anyone and makes it super easy to get changed when you get home. A truly lazy onesie.

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