Riveting Jewellery

Making your own jewellery has always been a popular trend; in fact it’s hard to think of a time when it wasn’t. Recently we’ve seen resurgence in the number of craft metal workers churning out their own trinkets in time for the summer sun.

Riveted metal jewellery is the easiest way to complete any summer outfit; with beautifully different silver and bronze colours it’s certain you’ll find something to help make you look fabulous as your bronzing yourself by the pool.

Contrary to popular belief metal work on a small scale such as for jewellery does not take long to master although as with all skills it can take a bit of time to acquire and unless you plan on dressing up like Jennifer Beals for Flash Dance smelting your own metals you only really need a few bits and pieces to get you going.

You can pick up small sheets of copper, brass, steel, wire etc. from most craft shops as with metal chisels, files and handy pop rivet guns for a reasonable price. In fact when you consider the mark up on craft metal jewellery in shops it is sometimes more cost effective to make your own.

So what are waiting for? Check out some of these beautiful examples of metal riveted jewellery and get crafting for yourself.




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