Pet Projects For Halloween

With just over a week to go until Halloween it’s time to decide what you will be dressing up as. If you’re not a fan of the whole blood and guts thing then maybe a famous character from a book or film might just be the ticket for you. As a group of self-admitted geeks we’re partial to a good super-hero themed Halloween event, nothing beats squeezing into some skin tight Lycra and dawning a cape for a night out on the town.

But whether you’re going as the ‘man of steel’ or the ‘capped crusader’ nothing will compliment your spandex image more than loyal side-kick of the 4-legged variety. Dogs have always had a strong presence in the superhero franchise as loyal, fearless side-kicks, and let’s be honest everyone loves a dog at a party, especially one in a costume so you know it makes sense.

In fact dogs probably have more chance at becoming superheroes than we as humans do, in the last year there have been a number of wondrous stories of dogs that have been able to detect cancer in humans just by having a quick sniff of a urine sample. The fascinating thing is that this isn’t just a few freak incidents either; thanks to dog’s super-sensitive sense of smell they can detect everything from breast to bone cancer in pee with a startling 90% accuracy. This is due to the fact that dogs have over 300 million scent receptors in their nose in comparison to humans’ 5 million.

So what more fitting way is there to dress man’s best friend than as one of comic books most famous 4-legged sidekicks. Here are our thoughts on the best dog outfits for Halloween.

Ace the Bathound


Batman’s super-pet fell in and out of favour over the years but what is better than a dog with a cape and a mask?


Krypto the Superdog


Superman’s Krypto is a much lighter hearted version of Ace.




Doctor Who’s pet pooch.


Wonder Dog


Wonder Woman’s loyal sidekick.



If you’re more of a Starwars fan you could always just go for the Imperial AT-AT look.

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