Norwegian Mittens

Winter is nearly here yet again, and I for one am embracing the cold. Not only do I love winter, but I also love cosy knits, and this is the perfect time of year to indulge in this.

One of my favourite winter knit designs has got to be the Norwegian mitten. Not only are they super cosy and warm, but they have such a sweet history.


The tale goes that in the 19th Century, two sisters attended church in the small village of Selbu wearing as usual, homemade woollen mittens. However these mittens had beautiful star like designs on them that the other villagers soon began to copy. The coveted mittens were sometimes even exchanged for other goods.


These days, there are loads more different designs, and even though traditionally, stars should be incorporated, there are pretty much no limits to the designs that people come up with.



Since Norwegian mittens are warmer thanks to the need for 2 colours of wool, and also basically symmetrical with the distinctive pointing at the end of the mitten, they are one fashion accessory that certainly won’t be going anywhere soon.

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