Get That Christmas Jumper Sorted

It’s the most wonderful time of the year where you have an excuse to have an entire themed wardrobe for a month. Christmas comes but once a year and that’s why we went looking for the best Christmas jumpers available right now that you can cosy in to before you spend the next few days fighting the desire to eat the entire advent calendar in one sitting.

neon jumper

A splash of neon isn’t commonplace this time of year but when you can take those strong pastel colours and throw it in a jumper like this one from Wwul, then we’re going to take notice. With a ribbed trim and longer hemline, this jumper is a lot more subtle than it should be given the colour.

vintage xmas

Straight out of the 90s, this inspired jumper from River Island wouldn’t be out of place on the cover of Smash Hits or Cliff Richard’s wardrobe. We love how bright it looks and the tacky nature of the lettering around the front.

reindeer jumper

To avoid being handed a knitted jumper from your aunty with bobbles sewn in, go for something a bit more classy with this reindeer knit. It has a simple picture on the front that isn’t distracting and the bow adds charm.

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