Get Chunky

We spent the best part of the morning trying to get feeling back in our toes. It’s sadly time to admit that the cold months are back with with bang of a drafty door and there’s only one thing for it: new jumpers.Our friends at Genevera talked about rummaging around your house in search of old jumpers if you’re on a budget which you can read about here. We on the other hand have been looking online and have seen some fantastic looking jumpers that will be on you quicker than pair of heat holders.

cropped jumper

Just because its cold doesn’t mean you’re going to be hiding that stomach. The cropped look has managed to worm its way like a stiff breeze and we’re not going to pass up the oppurtunity to one as good looking as this one we seen on ASOS. If you hate the thought of a chilly midriff though then just wear a high waisted skirt to save yourself getting goosebumps.




We like how the embezzled look is sticking on jumpers with more muted tones this season. You can say goodbye to those disney prints that were everyone in spring and draw on the power of the eagle to give your jumper a good bit of power.

rose jumper

Finally we have a jumper that your gran would want to take off your back. This rose print jumper from Boohoo is our favourite for looking like it’s from a vintage sale where you’ll never have to worry about that musty smell. It goes with practically everything else you’ll be wearing this season.


Just remember that a jumper is for autumn… and then again for Christmas.


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