Dress Like a Parisian

The French capital is known for its romance, incredible architecture and sites, shops and of course its fashion. Pick up some tips for Parisian style right here.

Whether you are staying in a chic Paris hotel and want to blend in incongruously, or just a fan of the understated yet perennially stylish look, the Parisian style is an easy one to emulate as long as you remember that less is more.

For the Parisian palette, colours tend to be largely neutral; navy, black, cream, tan and grey. The Parisians are onto something as not only is this palette flattering to basically everybody, it is also easy to interchange your clothes with as everything will match – voila you have a capsule wardrobe.

Since your wardrobe will be neutral, so shall your hair and make-up be. Think natural and barely there; so minimal makeup and loosely styled and natural hair. No matter how great Kim Kardashian’s contouring may look on Instagram, in real life this is a garish look best avoided unless for a night out!

Moving onto the shoes now; Parisians tend to be well-heeled and are a fan of oh so chic ballet pumps. Dressing for winter? No problem; a pair of flat or modestly heeled knee length leather boots are ideal or even some little Chelsea boots. Nothing shoddy, nothing with too high heels and no UGGs are a good rule of thumb to follow if you want to emulate Parisian style.

Tailored and well-fitting clothes are important in this look too. Anything too tight is a complete no-no (not just in Parisian style but in any look in general!) and you’re better off buying quality rather than quantity and then getting it tailored for you. Casual-smart chic has never been so easy to get right!

Still a bit lost when it comes to dressing as chic as a Parisian? Check out this wikiHow page for a step-by-step guide to achieving the perfect look. And if you’re still seeking some inspiration, you can always visit this street-style blog here.

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