How To Become A Rock Star or Music Entrepreneur

Recently when walking around the Notting Hill, Shoreditch and Camden areas of London, noticed the increase of local bands playing gigs in independent bars. This DIY mentality is completely reforming the music scene with various music bands, music labels, entrepreneurs than ever before. No longer is the music industry an unreachable goal for ordinary people.

We at Statt Magazine have brought together some tips which we believe which will give you information on how to follow your dreams and become a rock star, whilst also including some tongue-in-check humour.

If you want to be part of the music industry, you must look the part

Sure you might have the skills to manage a band, run a record label, be a music entrepreneur, but do you have the outfits to back it up? You can’t honestly think you’ll succeed without the look do you? If you are really looking to establish yourself as a successful music business individual, or songwriter you need a pair of skinny jeans and sunglasses quick. It’s raining you say? That’s not important. It’s about looking to part at all times. Luckily, Urban Outfitters sells jeans which are already ripped too, to say you a little bit of time.

Learn about music business from experienced individuals

In a serious note, you’ll find yourself ambushed with a lot of which will promise you the world, although if you are actually looking to get a job after your studies, there is only one real option for music business courses in London and that’s the Notting Hill Academy of Music. Why this particular school? You aren’t being taught from people who just have the qualifications to read from a book, you will get genuine insights on how to prepare yourself for the music industry from people who have real experience with companies such as Sony, Atlanta Records and successful bands who are looking to pass on their knowledge to inspired young students who are desperate for a chance.

No matter how hard it is, try writing a song

No matter what part of the music industry you want to flourish in, you should try looking at life from the perspective of a songwriter, because without them, nobody in the industry would have a job. You’ll have a better respect for songwriters if you realise the creative mind it takes to create art with words and sound. So if you play guitar, sit down one night and try to write some riffs, if you can’t, think up some lyrics. The best that can happen is you’ll be able to cut out the middle man and be a multipurpose music person who plays and markets their own songs, the worst, you’ll have a greater understanding of how to form a working relationship with the songwriters you work with in your music ventures.

Seek guidance from industry speakers and guests

The best way to learn about what it takes to make it as an entrepreneur in the music industry is to learn from people who have managed to be a success in the same game. Once again, London is an excellent place for this, with organisations such as the Notting Hill Academy of Music bring in speakers from all over the world to talk and give advice to people who inspire to make a dent in music marketing or business. Past guests have been such as Jamie Croz, A&R at Relentless Records, Andy Ellis, Outreach Manager for PRS, Trevor Nelson, who is a radio DJ for BBC and many more.

In the UK, there is several gateways into making it in the music business, don’t ever feel like it’s something which is out of your reach. Achieve, stride and always wear your sunglasses.


The 4 Most Pirated Movies of All Time

Since the dawn of the internet, movies of all types and genres have been shared from person to person, usually illegally. This is usually carried out through torrenting websites and clients like Bittorrent and Limewire. Over the past couple of decades, big record and movie production firms have taken significant legal action through the use of legal firms who specialise in intellectual property law. Results have varied from case to case.

From the 3D version of Avatar to the wildly successful Kick-Ass, films that have seen the highs and lows box office earnings have been pirated thousands of times. Below we’re going to go through 4 of the most pirated movies of all time.

4. Inception – 18 Million Total Downloads

Christopher Nolan’s Inception, the movie about a dream within a dream within a dream ad infinitum, drew a large audience in from all over the world. Sporting a cast of stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Ellen Page, this psychological thriller was primed to do well in reviews as well as financially.

Lo and behold, the movie was a resounding success, scoring 8.8/10 and 86% on IMDB and Rotten tomatoes respectively. The movie also made upwards of an impressive $826 million from a relatively small budget of about $160 million. Naturally, the movie was downloaded millions of times during and after its big breakthrough, estimates lie around 18 million downloads in total.

3. Transformers (2007) – 19 Million Total Downloads

Michael Bay’s explosion-filled rendition of the classic Transformers franchise was a huge success at the box office. With a budget of $147 million, Transformers made a cool $709.7 million which is certainly nothing to complain about. With cast choices including Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox, you could bet money on this film being illegally downloaded more than a few times.

And that’s exactly what happened; the 2007 Transformers film was shared all across the web to the sound of around 19 million downloads.

2. Batman: The Dark Knight – 19 Million Total Downloads

The second most modern Batman film, after Batman Begins and before The Dark Knight Rises, was The Dark Knight which was received with critical acclaim. Well-known movie critic Roger Ebert gave the film 4/4, IMDB gave it 9/10, and Rotten Tomatoes awarded the film a 94% fresh rating. Safe to say, The Dark Knight was always going to be a victim of movie piracy.

The film ended up being illegally downloaded about 19 million times, according to estimates. Unfortunately, this is one type of crime Batman can’t help with…

1. James Cameron’s Avatar – 21 Million Total Downloads

Avatar was a smash hit in cinemas when it first released back in December of 2009. With a budget of approximately $237 million, the film made a staggering $2.788 billion according to box office statistics. As far as most metrics go, Avatar performed extremely well.

However, with great success comes often negative or unwanted attention. It is estimated that Avatar was downloaded illegally around 21 million times which is sure to have put a dent in their already ultra-high earnings.

While there are many arguments for and against movie piracy, it is always interesting to look at the figures as to how much money these movies brought in and how much higher they may have been had movie piracy never became a thing.


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